March 27, 2012

Hello World.

I try to learn something new about myself everyday. Occasionally I manage to remember the lesson, and often I even delight in it. 

That said, I have a confession or two to share since we’re getting acquainted on this first post of mine: I’m the girl who has resisted Facebook since its inception, used to think texting was an overly abrupt form of communication, prefers beautiful stacks of glossy magazines, newspapers and cloth-bound books to a computer screen, favors a handwritten note over an email, can’t bring herself to go entirely wireless with her Netflix subscription, and only recently (and very, very reluctantly) upgraded a six year-old chipped pink flip phone and an eight year-old desktop computer. And then I found this little thing called the blogosphere.

In other words, I’m admittedly a little late to the party.

While we’re in full disclosure mode, I’ll also let you know that I adore compiling tear sheets and wish lists, tracking retail sales as a means of internally justifying major splurges, obsessing over every last detail of a road trip months before it happens to ensure that every local specialty has been sampled, thinking about themed fetes that I’d love to throw, and day-dreaming about the exciting things taking place in the world outside of the cubicle where I sit for 8 hours each day.  

So naturally, I did what any technology-challenged 31 year-old who is interested in joining the amazing blogger community and personally chronicling life on the outskirts of a big city would do. I collected stacks of how-to books on blogging, pored through countless websites in search of tips to perfect my digital SLR skills, and started mentally piecing together the dream desk space that I could put together to inspire my creative endeavor.

And when a few weeks had gone by and friends started to ask me about the blog that I hadn’t yet started, I remembered something that my dad said to me when I had the chance to renovate and redecorate my room in the eighth grade—“You’re too worried about the paint color for a wall that doesn’t even exist yet.”

So I put down the self-help manuals, cracked open my new Mac (yet another thing to figure out), and realized that this blog should be, and will be, a work in progress. Consider this post the construction of the first wall in what I hope will one day be a truly magnificent sandcastle. Now, it’s time to have some fun and look at color swatches….

It's only fitting that we celebrate Day 1 with a sandcastle cake, no?