July 31, 2012

Blue Jean Baby

Does anything scream American summer more than jean cutoffs? This image makes me want to move back to the West Coast (and be best friends with the always-stylish Rashida Jones)....

July 30, 2012

Rainbow Bright

 Much to my delight, this past weekend was punctuated with bright colors...

Just one of many bunches of Farmers' Market flowers scattered throughout the condo
Festive cake balls whipped up and ready to go to a surprise party

Cold margaritas with citrus-colored cups and straws at the party
Pale blue toes dipped in pool water on a hot summer day
A fitting Sunday afternoon spent watching the Olympics, eating Pret (of course) and reading a new aptly-titled book during commercials 

July 25, 2012

Small Stuff

Is it just me, or does everything seem incredibly stressful lately? The news is depressing, weekends are too short, and it’s hard to fit everything in without getting overwhelmed and disconcerted. Although I try to celebrate life’s simpler moments here on this blog, I readily admit that I’m not always mindful enough to slow down and appreciate the small stuff. I certainly realize that happiness shouldn’t stem solely from inanimate objects. Yet, sometimes, just stopping to enjoy a few current favorite things is a nice way to get through the day. Here’s a roundup of what’s making me smile right now. Feel free to share your favorites so that I can add to the list....