July 2, 2012

Rays of Sunshine


I couldn’t resist buying these brilliantly blinding yellow accessories, as this relaxed clutch and chunky crystal necklace are just what my wardrobe needs to transition into sunny July. Here are a few other things that are sure to make me incredibly happy this month:
  • Harvesting basketfuls of herbs and vegetables from my garden plot and getting creative with dinner
  • Finally getting around to packing my bulky sweaters away for a few months
  • Taking a morning daytrip to the Chicago Botanic Garden
  • Browsing mid-summer sales
  • Spending a hot date night watching Savages in a cold movie theater
  • Making my own ice cream
  • Attending a surprise birthday pool party
  • Turning a long weekend with visiting family into a fun-filled stay-cation
  • Grilling cheeseburgers and corn on the cob
  • Relaxing on the beach, reading piles of books and magazines for hours on end, and just generally being unproductive
What exciting things do you have planned for July?

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