May 23, 2012

Frugal Gourmet

Okay, I admit it: I LOVE a good deal. In fact, those closest to me may say that this is one of my major defining characteristics. I especially enjoy a discount when it gives me the chance to experience a luxury for which I would never pay full price, which is why I am one of those people who frequent the small sale rack at the back of Williams-Sonoma. They generally mark down their gourmet foodstuffs when there is still a reasonable amount of time to spare before expiration, as was recently the case with this and this. When all you need to add is  butter and an egg, it may actually be the cheapest way to make homemade cookies. Add some fun packaging, and their luxury factor remains intact, even if you did buy the mix for a ridiculously low price.

May 22, 2012

Outside In: Resources

Yesterday’s post has me thinking about some of my favorite spots in Chicagoland to browse for unique home gifts and, of course, the occasional present for myself. I have a feeling that this is a list I'll continue to build.* 

P.O.S.H.:  The place to visit for European flair, flea market finds and old hotel place settings. 

Jayson Home and Garden: This isn’t the first and it certainly won’t be the last time that I’ve sung the praises of this boutique. Roaming around inside is like being inside an Anthropologie catalog.  Simply put, I want everything. 

Roost: Sometimes you have to dig, but you’re sure to find a one-of-a-kind vintage piece that will add a certain farmhouse feel to your home. 

Gethsemane Gardens:  When you really want to bring the outside in, this is the place to start. This garden center spans several blocks in Andersonville, and has a large variety of orchids, succulents, air plants and garden supplies. 

*Your suggestions on hidden and not-so-hidden destinations that I must check out are more than welcome!

May 21, 2012

Outside In

Over the next few weeks, my family will be in town visiting and intermittently staying with us. In straightening up and getting everything “company ready,” I started noticing the many touches of the outdoors sprinkled throughout our condo.  I’ve always wanted to achieve a rustic meets glam flea market-style feel, but I don’t think I realized the extent of my nature-inspired home goods collection until now. 

May 17, 2012

Tulip Time

As predicted, once I unleashed the living room redecorating beast, it couldn’t be stopped at the bookcases and desk. It seems like Eero Saarinen’s tulip tables are sprouting up all over the place these days. In my eternal quest to create functional spaces in our small condo and introduce classic modern pieces into our repertoire, I’ve decided that it's just what we need to set the stage for a quaint breakfast nook. I mean, really, what would a cup of coffee and a Sunday morning newspaper be without one?