May 14, 2012

Own Devices

Let’s just say that I wholeheartedly committed myself to the mission of enjoying some of life’s simpler (okay, in some instances downright shameful) pleasures this weekend. Although the next few days may be painful as I try to catch up on all of the things that fell by the wayside, it was worth it to forgo dishwashing, laundry folding, the gym, packed restaurants, traffic and grocery store for a few days in order to fully indulge….
I'm a sucker for any series written by the so-called Queen of Royal Historic Fiction, and I’m finding that this trilogy on the Cousins’ War is a nice tonal accompaniment to the intriguing (geeky?) storylines in Game of Thrones.

Case in point that I can be counted on to endorse any “pop country” music album put out by a gorgeous blonde southern-style gal. This one doesn’t disappoint, especially when played with the sunroof down.

Hanging With Friends

Remember how I recently learned that I love my new smart phone? This is definitely one of the main reasons. 

 Impromptu HGTV-athons
I normally reserve my reality TV watching for the Bravo network, but I am absolutely obsessed with Emily and the Junk Gypsies. Recently, I realized that the rest of the programming on HGTV isn’t bad either. It’s almost scary how easy it is to lose track of time once you start watching home makeovers in consecutive 30-minute increments. 

Ben & Jerry's Half Baked
Ben and Jerry? Cookie dough and brownies? Enough said. 

Yes I read the books, and yes I’ll forever tune into any movie that features Robert Pattinson as a brooding vampire. Even if I am starting to think that the supernatural special effects are better in True Blood. And yes, I'm 31.

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  1. I am obsessed with HGTV! Need to check out those books and the new Carrie cd!