October 28, 2012

New England 2012

As evidenced in my last few posts, there’s been no shortage of traveling for this girl lately. My most recent adventure involved a family vacation in New England, where we split our time between a woodsy cabin in Maine, a seaside cottage in Cape Cod and a haunted historic hotel in downtown Boston. Because words can’t describe all that we fit into the trip, I thought I might take a few days to share some of the highlights. First up…

Day Trip 1: Portland to Ellsworth, Maine

No trip to Maine would be complete without a brief pit stop at the LL Bean in Freeport, so we obliged as we made our way from the Portland airport to our remote home base on Green Lake, in Ellsworth. We also took the opportunity to dive into our first of many bowls of clam chowder at the nearby Jameson Tavern, a local favorite since 1779. 

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