December 3, 2012

Kansas City

Our first of several trips into Kansas

We used an invitation to a wedding in Kansas City as an excuse for a long weekend of new sights, local foods and a short visit with family. First up was an afternoon trip to Independence, Missouri, where we chased daylight and scouted for signs of ruts left in the ground from wagon wheels on the Oregon Trail.

The following morning, we headed out to Fair Share Farm in Kearney to pick spinach, learn about community-supported agriculture and eat carrots plucked straight out of the soil. We crisscrossed over the borders of Kansas and Missouri so many times during the trip that I lost track, and then it all came to an end with a night of dancing and drinking beneath romantic strings of lights.

The start of the Oregon Trail, behind the historic Bingham-Waggoner estate
Tangles of wire on the outskirts of Independence
Gas station Barbeque that lived up to the hype at Oklahoma Joe's
The amazing view of Country Club Plaza from our hotel balcony
Gorgeous greens in the high tunnel at Fair Share Farm
Marveling at the extensive beer selection (Deschutes!) at Grinders
Wedding rafters at the Hobbs Building

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