April 1, 2013

Holiday Hiatus

A sweet early morning surprise for my boyfriend

This Easter, we strayed from our normal family-oriented holiday routine and took advantage of the emptied-out city to accomplish a few things that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do. We’ve been meaning to check out Stephanie Izard’s The Girl and the Goat ever since we received a gift certificate over a year ago, but getting reservations seemed impossible. After much strategizing, and with no reservations in hand, we decided to take our chances and boldly wander in on Sunday afternoon after the Book of Mormon show concluded.  We were immediately seated and treated to a rustic series of dishes that truly lived up to the hype that the restaurant has so clearly earned. Other highlights of the holiday weekend included…

Lunch visit to Quonset, the best pizza shop in the northern suburbs
Clever advertising in the entryway at Bank of America Theater
Party favors for an opening day game party
Lusting after chicken wire-clad pendant lamps at Jayson Home & Garden

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