November 13, 2012

Girls Weekend

Pausing to admire our new manicures and pint glasses in the warehouse

My best friend from grad school recently came into town for a long-overdue visit. She’s always up for adventure, and I was thrilled that she let me put together the weekend itinerary. I went for a mix of my favorite visitor-in-town standbys and threw in a unique destination new to me—Half Acre Beer Company. We were among the last few people let in to tour, and the day seemed meant to be. Unsurprisingly, food and drink played a fairly large role in our spree. 

Wishing a Happy Birthday to my favorite morning read before hitting the L to head down to Old Town
Getting excited for lots of laughs at the Second City show
Capping the night off with the best ribs in town (sans dancing)...
...and late night cupcakes, an incredibly thoughtful hostess gift brought all the way from Jilly's Cupcake Bar

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