March 2, 2014

Over It

Though most of my personal goals have been undeniably wedding-centric as of late, I thought it might be a good idea to balance them out with some stress-free, non-nuptial activities that I can enjoy while I desperately wait for it to warm up outside. Sure the Lake looks amazing in this weather, but other than that, I’m kinda done with the winter.  Some things to tide me over until Spring rolls in:
  1. Attend the Martha Stewarts Wedding Party at the Ritz Carlton (okay, this is so fun I don’t think it counts as a wedding activity)
  2. Submit my garden plot renewal contract and start planning this year’s crops
  3. Spend a long evening on the couch watching all things Oscars-related, including the always-awkward E! red carpet pre-game
  4. Spend even more time on the couch, finishing up the second season of House of Cards
  5. Finish reading The Son and start in on Night Film
  6. Send in my tax returns early!
  7. Keep up with the morning "Booty Calls," courtesy of my new favorite trainers
  8. Raise a spoonful of jambalaya in honor of Fat Tuesday
  9. Escape to the American Club for a belated birthday celebration
  10. Celebrate the second birthday of sandcastle!

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