June 26, 2012

Cincinnati Celebration

This past weekend could not have been more fulfilling. From roaming through my hometown like a tourist, to attending a gorgeous outdoor wedding and catching up with long-lost best friends over far too many Sea Breezes, sitting in the backyard amid glowing lightening bugs and visiting with a great-aunt I’ve never met, and revisiting a tiny amusement park with my parents and their friends. It truly was as though all worlds collided in Cincinnati for a few unforgettable days and nights. A filmstrip of some of the sights...


  1. Your hometown has a lot to offer which you forget sometimes when you live there.

  2. Love these pictures! Had such a great time in Cinci and at the wedding! Should have gotten myself a Chanel belt :)

  3. Chanel belt, Tallulca?! I think belly chain is more appropriate. Love the pics!!