June 6, 2012

Up For Air

Mini-pontooning the Chain with my sister (pictured) and parents


Remember me?

I know. It’s been awhile. Please forgive me. I can tell that my life has spiraled out a bit by the mounting stacks of unopened mail, DVR that’s 98% full of unwatched Jubilee celebration specials and episodes of Kardashians and Housewives (New Jersey, O.C., and now New York? How can a girl possibly be expected to keep up?), and the facts that I haven’t picked up my routine morning edition of the RedEye in nearly two weeks, couldn’t tell you what the hot topics are on Twitter right now, and I can barely button my jeans because I’ve been incessantly eating out and frequently finding reasons to skip the gym.

That’s not to say that life has been unfulfilling as of late, though. As I previously mentioned, I’ve had family popping in and out of town for the last few weeks and I’ve been happily entertaining and taking in some of life’s simpler pleasures, like drinking plenty of these, boating, beach combing, planting my community garden plot, dusting off balcony furniture, indulging in multiple manicures, attending my favorite annual street festival, and absolutely ripping through a certain risqué book that is currently captivating women across the country. And now, I’m slowing down long enough to take a mid-week breather and steel myself for a few more days of work before a relaxing, lounge-on-the-couch kind of weekend. 
Chasing daylight on my newly planted balcony
Turning the style up at brunch with glitter shorts and my new favorite nail combo: Essie's Topless & Barefoot with Shine of the Times at the tips
A sweet little chess pie from Hoosier Mama that's perfect for a beachside picnic
Prepping space for a lazy weekend with a comfy Etsy find


  1. Wow, that was tough to get through. Almost lost consciousness at "community garden plot." Nice to have you back on the airwaves though.

    1. Above comment by Big Finnish, not some "anonymous" coward of probable Russian or Swedish extraction.