September 13, 2012

RTW Spring

I wish I could say that I’ve had enough time to keep tabs on the exciting fashion happenings in New York this week but, sadly, that hasn’t been the case. I’ve merely clicked through a few of the more interesting runway slide shows, and quickly visited a few of my beloved street fashion sites.

Unsurprisingly, one my favorite shows has been J. Crew, a company that can seemingly do no wrong in my eyes. I always appreciate how they remain consistent, bringing back classics season after season, while still keeping things fresh with new color palettes and patterns. It’s an approach that makes me excited to shop my own closet—a feeling I particularly appreciate during self-imposed shopping hiatuses. So while I haven’t even had a chance to flip through their gorgeous October catalog that I discovered in my mailbox this afternoon, I’m already eagerly turning my attention to Spring 2013. 

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