February 4, 2013

Birthday Bowl

An ornate, and delicious, birthday sacher torte in honor of the occassion

Every so often, including this year, the Super Bowl falls on my birthday. There’s something nice about a Sunday celebration, when the pace is a little slower, and it seems as though the whole weekend is building up to your special day.  I am not one of those people who dread the idea of adding another year to my age, but I do sometimes find that there can be a lot of undue pressure to make it extra special. This birthday was memorable not only because it happened on a weekend, but also because everything seemed to fall perfectly into place without much thought.  There were many surprises, a much-anticipated dining experience at Tru, and a lot of time doing the things that I love most, like shopping, reading, and catching up with friends and family. Though it was not too long ago that 32 sounded alarmingly old, I have to admit that it’s not such a bad age after all. 

One of the most thoughtful gifts ever: a year subscription to Birchbox from my two best friends
A new toy with which I plan to curl up on the couch
Gold accents at my birthday dinner
Souvenir menu and take-home citrus financiers from Tru
Gorgeous hot pink roses for my desk
An unexpected spa gift that I look forward to cashing in on soon


  1. Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a fab weekend. And loving the union jack pillow!

  2. Love the gold accented birthday! Can't wait to see on sandcastle what other goodies Birchbox is going to send your way!