February 20, 2013


New flavors of loose tea from Tea Guys, in cute canisters designed by Molly Hatch

Is this winter ever going to end? I mean, really, I’m starting to wonder if I have a mild case of Seasonal Affective Disorder. That, or I may be suffering from Groundhog Day syndrome. Every day seems to bleed into the next, which is only amplified by the fact that it’s dark when I wake up and go into work and it’s dark again by the time I leave the office to head home. I don’t think that I’ve ever looked forward to the spring time change more. In the meantime, I’m slogging through, mostly indoors, by fixating on the things that are currently bringing me joy... 

Lots of exciting planning/booking for our upcoming trip to the UK, Ireland and Paris
Decadent gold-wrapped Fuhgeddaboudits from Bouchon Bakery
A forceful reminder of Saturday morning yoga class at the front door
Clustered candles on every surface to ward off the dark winter nights

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