October 29, 2013

Girls Take Wisconsin

No, we were not dressed up for Halloween as private investigators or American Girl dolls

The girls’ family weekend was exactly what I hoped it would be. Not only did we enjoy the autumn-esque traditions hinted at in my last post, we also held “Christmas in October” since we won’t be making the usual visit to Cincinnati to celebrate the holidays this year. With side trips to Madison for one of their last outdoor Farmers’ Markets of the season, to Delafield for some cheese curds, Spotted Cow and shopping, to downtown Oconomowoc for their Halloween parade, and to the couch for a late night viewing of World War Z, it’s hard to believe that we fit so much in to so few days away.

These seemed to be incorporated into every bouquet at the Farmers' Market
Vintage stamps turned eye-catching jewelry 
Blue skies for the win during a walk down State Street
Bear: the world's smallest horse, and the highlight of the Halloween parade. Note the knees behind for scale.
My favorite Friday night tradition: bloody marys with beer chasers at Burke's Lakeside


  1. It was a lot of fun. More than I could have hoped for!

  2. Is that Charlie's Angels?