November 26, 2013

Bring it On

Breakfast in bed and sugar overload with jumbo cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate

I love it when I manage to schedule consecutive events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and I still feel somewhat rested at the end of it all. The weekend started off with a quick stop at a local art and wine show, followed by some early holiday shopping and a dinner at my favorite chain restaurant of all time. Saturday included a manicure and a retirement dinner party, and Sunday was capped off with an annual trip to Randolph Street’s Vintage and Antiques Market. I’d say it’s official: the holiday season has begun!

Walls of colorful landscape impressions at the Art and Wine Fair
My version of the ideal retirement
Battling hordes of vintage seekers at Plumbers Hall
My weekend uniform: bright colors, glitter flats, lots of plaid and bold statement jewelry

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