November 5, 2013

Changing Clocks

I thought the “fall back” in time that we recently experienced would make getting out of bed a little easier. Instead, it’s resulted in pitch black driving conditions on the way home from work at night. Though I always get anxious at this time of year thinking about the long march ahead into the dead of winter, I do have a few things in store this month to keep my spirits high:
  1. Spend a long weekend hosting friends from college and finding every excuse to do girly activities like a trampoline exercise class
  2. Hit the strip in Andersonville and check out some bars and a restaurant that I’ve never before visited
  3. Wear my new black leather booties to death
  4. Check out the Wonders of the 1893 World Fair exhibit at the Field Museum
  5. Continue my heavy use of the crock pot and try a few new recipes
  6. Attend a local art and wine festival event with the tickets that I recently scored from a friend
  7. Clean out my closet and get my massive sweater pile into the drycleaners
  8. Head to Cincinnati to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and eat lots of turkey, cranberries and stuffing
  9. Start to seek out the perfect item to add to my ever-growing holiday decoration collection
  10. Begin planning my next warm weather vacation…

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