August 27, 2012


We’ve returned from the wilds of northern Wisconsin, and even though we had to scale back our annual weeklong trip to just a few days, the lack of phones, Internet, cable TV and city noise left us feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. If you ask me, endless hours of talking, reading, hiking, fishing, picture taking, and drinking Old Fashioneds represent the perfect way to spend the last few days of a great midwestern summer….

Sunrise over the fog-covered lake
Crystal clear waters alongside the dock
Endless trees beneath miles of cloudless blue skies
The long climb back up to civilization
Day trip to a nearby trail
Hiking beneath webs of pine tree needles
Dainty lilac daisies underfoot along the way
The final destination: a remote, lily pad-covered pond
Watching the sunset on the deck, listening to frogs, cocktails in hand

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