August 1, 2012

Ship to Shore

The first few months of summer have been filled with many fond memories, and I’m thrilled to know that most have been captured here. As August rolls in, I’m eagerly looking forward to making more, including:

  1. Continuing to watch the never-ending Olympics coverage (especially if it involves women's gymnastics or men's swimming)
  2. Opening up this cookbook and picking a pie to bake at random
  3. Wearing my new Saint-James Tee at every available opportunity
  4. Renting a paddleboard to try out on Lake Michigan
  5. Sneaking around to put the finishing touches on a secret birthday gift for my significant other (in a condo the size of ours, this is harder than you can imagine)
  6. Spending a weekend morning, flagon of ale in hand, at the Renaissance Faire (perhaps you recall that I love all things 16th century England, easily my geekiest of traits)
  7. Finding a new signature fragrance among sample scents from here, here and here
  8. Keeping a yearly tradition alive and spending a few quiet days at a remote cabin in Northern Wisconsin
  9. Organizing the errant magazine tear sheets littering my desk
  10. Heading home to Cincinnati to visit with family and attend a wedding
Anything I should add to the list?

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