July 15, 2013

Lake Country

The shores of Silver Lake
My boyfriend is fishing with friends in Canada for the week, which means that I’m on my own and taking full advantage of it. I headed up to Wisconsin for the second weekend in a row, and I’m quickly falling in love with “Lake Country,” as the locals affectionately refer to the area. There really does seem to be a new pool of water at every turn, and it has become clear to me why many Chicagoans escape to the quaint little resort towns outside of Milwaukee as soon as the clock strikes 5 on Friday afternoons. 

An afternoon well spent eating cheese curds under blue umbrellas at Revere's Tavern
Road tripping around the lakes with an overly excited Floss
Sweet treats at a highly recommended custard stand straight out of the '50s
Roadside attraction next to Oconomowoc's answer to the Sunday brunch: Maxim's Depot
Blankets of lightening bugs in the country fields at twilight

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