July 4, 2013

Nascar Nights

An infield view of the Winner's Circle

Is there anything more American than Nascar? I must confess that I know next to nothing about the sport, short of what I learned while watching the Clint Boyer episode of Duck Dynasty. Regardless, I jumped at the chance to take the VIP tickets that my uncle generously offered and head into the pit alongside a few members of my family during a recent trip to Kentucky. Though the actual race was rained out, I think that the free-flowing Budweiser, periodic engine cranking, abundance of camouflage, and field camping gave me a taste of the scene and an appreciation for this lively subculture. 

The underground maze built for getting around in golf carts
Emerging from the tunnel and getting one of my first glimpses of the speedway
A reflection of my Hunter Boots which, after countless comments, I learned are not necessarily a trend at the races
Before the clouds and rain rolled in
My (losing) picks in the draw
Lots and lots of horsepower (or so I'm told)

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