April 2, 2012

Desk Dreams

  Sadly, this scenario isn't too far from the truth right now.

I don’t make financial decisions lightly, especially when it comes to buying new furniture for an 800 sq. ft. rental condo that we’ve somehow already managed to fill to the brim with mismatched odds and ends. We’re in that awkward stage of life when half of our possessions are hand-me-downs that we’ve reluctantly moved from place to place since college graduation. So while we’re slowly acquiring things we love, I wouldn’t say that our home entirely reflects us in its current state.

Yet, my hesitation to invest in something permanent for a non-permanent place has left me somewhat torn over what I should do about a new desk.  Our beat-up old coffee table is already multi-tasking as a dinner table, ottoman, and magazine rack, so its use as an office is unquestionably short-lived. And, well, there are just so many fabulous desk options out there calling my name.

Option 1: Unique Vintage Fixer Upper
I’ve considered trying my luck at one of my favorite local antique markets for a one-of-a-kind DIY, although something tells me that I have neither the luxury of time nor the space to refurbish at this critical juncture.

       Option 2: Martha (of course)

Although a bit on the pricey side, Martha’s newest option provides a clean, neutral backdrop for just about any décor I may choose to have, now or in the future. 


Option 3: IKEA

When in doubt, everybody's favorite Swedish superstore is the place for a noncommittal, quick and easy furniture fix. 


Option 4: Classic Parsons
As one of my favorite bloggers demonstrates in her enviable home office, the ever-stylish Parsons Desk can always be counted on to effortlessly get the job done. This would be an easy choice were it not for my desire to have two of them paired side-by-side, making it a double investment in my case. 


Option 5: The Dream Desk
   Or, I could just quit beating around the bush, take a deep breath, move beyond the
   impracticality of it, and get what I really want. 


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