April 24, 2012

Piece of Cake

Lemon Daffodil Torte from a sweet Cincinnati institution
It was one of those family-packed and sugar-fueled weekends when you spend more time socializing than taking beautifully composed photos. Thus, I don’t have a single acceptable image of the pink, yellow, orange, and white polka dot bedecked tables at the birthday brunch that we hosted for my Mom. Regardless, I can tell you that these table confetti party favors were a huge hit, the cellophane-wrapped 6 and 0 sugar cookies and fresh flowers in mini glass vases on each of the tables were a nice touch, the never-ending buffet was incredible, and I won’t soon forget the look of shock on my Mom’s face as she came into the room and was greeted with a collective shout of “Surprise!” The icing on the weekend was the dessert, slivers of which I slowed down long enough to capture on my cell phone camera.
My first attempt at Creme Brûlée, and a chance to use my new kitchen torch
Paper birthday cake centerpieces waiting to be adorned with straw candles

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