April 30, 2012

IKEA Vortex

Our weekend started out innocently enough with an early morning trip to IKEA. In order to avoid any 30 Rock-esque mishaps, we fueled up at a little Greek restaurant on the way.  The combination of sugar and caffeine must have done the trick because we had one of the most successful (and affordable) shopping experiences ever. Two birch Kilbys, a Vika Adils and a cute little Rens later, we had the makings for a renovation that proceeded to take over the entirety of Saturday and Sunday.  Don’t you love when building bookcases turns into cleaning out a closet, reorganizing seven years worth of paperwork and hand-cutting mats for art that you’ve been meaning to frame since you moved in three years ago?  

Deciding if we should take our chances and not anchor the $25 bookcases into the rental condo wall
The answer to the desk dilemma: a very utilitarian $20 piece of wood on $3 legs that will do the trick until I quit being so indecisive
The beginnings of a Geographer's dream library
Fresh mint from a friend's yard and the makings for a mojito at the end of a labor-intensive weekend

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