December 10, 2013

Beer & Chocolate

Lined up and ready to be consumed

Chicago has a great local food scene, and all of the amazing businesses in town make it really easy to put together a themed holiday gift. I thought I might share a fun and fairly inexpensive idea that we used last year: pairings of Wild Ophelia chocolate and Goose Island specialty Belgium beers.

We bought four-packs of each kind of beer and split them up, and each couple that got a gift box received two bottles of each type of beer and one corresponding bar of chocolate, along with two small glasses, cocktail napkins and a menu to outline the suggested pairings. They were such a hit that we kept one of the line-ups for ourselves, and we sampled everything one lazy and slightly tipsy Sunday afternoon while watching a football game and taking notes on our favorites. Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that you give to yourself! 

Sofie & Southern Hibiscus Peach Milk Chocolate Bar: 
This beer’s citrus notes complement the subtle sweetness of the peach-infused chocolate.
Pere Jacques & Peanut Butter & Banana Milk Chocolate Bar:
 Pere Jacques' malty sweetness and hints of dark, dried fruit complement the sweet and savory bar.
Pepe Nero & Beef Jerky Milk Chocolate Bar:
The bold, earthy and roasty flavors of Pepe Nero are the perfect complement to this tangy, savory chocolate.
Matilda & Smokehouse BBQ Potato Chip Dark Chocolate Bar:
 The spicy, savory character of this beer cuts through the sweet and smoky flavor of the bar.
Getting ready to dig in
The perfect present