December 12, 2013

Simple Scents

Satsumas: Delightful to look at, eat, and smell

If you’re in the Chicago area, you must plan a winter visit to The Spice House. You can smell the store in the cold air from blocks away, and once you enter, you’re warmly embraced by the smell of far-off lands. I usually come ready with a list to stock up on old favorites, and while the spice merchants fill a worn wicker basket with my requested flavors, I wander around and find new mixes to add to my order. The countless jars in my overstuffed pantry are a testament to this strategy.

During my most recent trip, I impulsively grabbed a package of cinnamon sticks for $1.79. When I got home, I tossed a few into boiling water along with some orange rind, and the delicious, long-lasting holiday home fragrance that resulted was enough to give my not-so-inexpensive Diptyque candles a run for their money this holiday season. Next time, I’ll be adding cardamom seeds and whole cloves to the shopping list. 

Told you they're gorgeous
The cinnamon game changer
The ingredients couldn't be easier, or cheaper
Just add water...
..bring to a simmer, breathe deep and enjoy!

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