December 20, 2013

Trail Blazer VI


I’ve been trying to beat New Year’s Day to the punch and pick up my workout schedule before the gym gets insane and the treadmill becomes impossible to use. The hardest part of winter workouts is mobilizing to go outside in freezing temperatures (either to the gym or to the trail), but once I get going, I find that these songs can put these harsh Midwestern winters behind me and transport my mind to a sunnier place. 
  1. Low: Just Like Christmas
  2. Bob Marley: Coming in From the Cold
  3. Costa Neto: Boas Festas Mocambique
  4. Peter Tosh & Mick Jagger: You Gotta Walk & Don’t Look Back
  5. Wailing Souls: Things & Time
  6. Ramon Veloz: Paz En La Tierra
  7. Collie Buddz: Playback
  8. Culture: Two Sevens Clash
  9. Matishyahu: King Without a Crown
  10. Mishka: Above the Bones

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