December 9, 2013

November No Longer

Early morning drive into Indiana

The four-day Thanksgiving weekend is a work of genius. It’s just enough time to allow you to fully indulge and then get back on track. And, it serves as a nice and slow intro to the holiday season. Having learned a number of traffic nightmare-related lessons in years past, we held off on driving from Chicago until early Thanksgiving morning, at which point the highways were blissfully free of panicked drivers.

We got into Cincinnati with plenty of time to make festive cocktails before family arrived, and later we feasted on turkey with all of the trimmings and played a few rounds of our new favorite board game. Friday entailed a good deal of lounging around the house, and then a spontaneous trip to see the Bearcats play in the afternoon. By the time we got back into Chicago on Saturday, we had just enough energy left to unpack a few Christmas decorations and start sprucing up the condo. 

Fresh cranberries for muddling in our "Old Fashioned Thanksgivings"
Our up-close view from the Student Section 
An afternoon drive through Clifton that culminated in this view of Eden Park
The newest addition to our tinsel tree collection