January 22, 2013

Bed Bound

Stocking up on every variety of Deschutes, which has finally made its way to us after all these years

This has to have been one of the laziest weekends on record. I waved goodbye to my boyfriend on Thursday night, and with the exception of a trip out to get a massage, buy new bedding and stock up on groceries, I pretty much slept…A LOT. Lest you think I was comatose for the full three-day weekend, please know that I enjoyed several lengthy games of Words with Friends, an inordinate amount of online shopping, and tons of TV watching, interrupted only when the power went out in our building for 8 hours due to intense wind gusts outside. Luckily, a plethora of candles and my latest book kept me company as I hunkered down in our new sheets and pillows.

My boyfriend's old college sweatshirt, which I practically lived in all weekend 
The kind of easy dinner that you can get away with when there are no men around
Moving away from dark polishes in the hope of warmer weather
Fresh eucalyptus (and tons of candles) in the bathroom

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