January 7, 2013

Three States

On top of the world at a friend's holiday party on a rooftop in Chicago

The holidays were hectic, which is just as it should be. Time was split between Illinois, Ohio and Wisconsin, with a few days spent on the couch in between as I recovered from a bout with the flu. It’s always nice to relax and spend time with family and friends, and the end of 2012 was no exception. Here’s to an equally fulfilling New Year. 

Late dinner at Taco Diablo to welcome my sister into town
Quick trip to the mall to pick up a few remaining gifts
Our own "Christmas Story" adventure on the way to a family party
Lounging around the house on Christmas morning....
...holiday tea and cookies in-hand
Taking our chances with the snow on the way up to Northern Wisconsin

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  1. FFFFFFFFFFudge. FFFFunny stuff.