January 23, 2013

Warby Parker


As sad as I was to learn that it’s time to ditch my 10-year-old Anne Klein reading glasses and upgrade my prescription, I jumped at the opportunity to try Warby Parker’s Home Try On Program.

I’m happy to report that the program is a complete breeze and, as a person who loves browsing in stores, this even has me rethinking the way that I shop. You simply select 5 pairs of their gorgeous glasses, and within no time, they arrive right on your doorstep in a pretty little box. You have 5 days to try them on, wear them around town, and choose which pair you want to make your own. 

Then, you simply pack up the box, drop it off at a UPS store, and decide if you want to place an order online. Did I mention that the whole process is no-commitment and completely free? Or that the glasses with prescription lenses only cost $95? Or that for every pair of glasses that you purchase from Warby Parker, they donate a pair to someone in need? Needless to say, my new black matte-framed Becketts are on the way, and I’m already channeling Jenna Lyons….

Consider me excited
Choosing, aka the hardest part of the entire process
The beloved Becketts

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