September 16, 2013


There was a definite shift in weather this weekend and, as usual at this time of year, I became incredibly anxious to get busy enjoying it. I simultaneously got re-obsessed with Instagram, and attempted to document some of my favorite bits of activity. For more where that came from, visit my sandcastleblog Instagram page and sign up to follow me.

Farmers' Market finds and new Tretorns // A particularly wavy day on Lake Michigan // A retro parking lot sign at Jayson Home & Garden // "Playing Monger" at Marion Street Cheese Market during an outing in Oak Park // An early sign of Fall decorating to come // A gross impulse buy in anticipation of Halloween // A few gems from my garden plot // Homemade strawberry and peach preserves // Sunset over Lake Michigan // Jarritos by the beach // The magazine I've been waiting months to receive // A ridiculously good chai latte from Unicorn Cafe // The perfect treat on a rainy Sunday afternoon // Goodies from Birchbox // An early morning wait for the release of Phillip Lim's line at Target

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