September 5, 2013

So Long Summer

Our favorite beach on the last day of the season

I’m happy to brag that the term lazy doesn’t even begin to describe our Labor Day weekend. We’ve been traveling, reorganizing and working so much recently, that I didn’t feel a bit guilty about doing next to nothing. Sure, we made the requisite stops at the Farmers’ Market, the beach and the library, but other than that, we basically basked in peace and quiet. We met our goal of cooking a lot and not going out to eat once, we watched a decent amount of HGTV and college football, and I developed a not so subtle addiction to Pinterest that embarrassingly resulted in a stiff neck and a sore-from-flicking-through-images arm.  (Psst...Visit my finds here)
This time of year always makes me slightly sad, but with the sadness also comes excitement for impending New York Fashion Week coverage, falling leaves, hearty crock pot meals, nubby sweaters, boots, new TV series, and the rollout of Halloween decorations. Until I can satisfy myself with those signs of early autumn though, I’ll cling to these few reminders of the last official week of summer 2013.
Calm, crystal clear lake water
Late summer vase filler
Early fall colors and textures
Decadent, cloud-shaped challah french toast inspired by Ina Garten and enjoyed on a cool Sunday morning

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