August 30, 2013

Fall Forward

And just like that, one of the last official weekends of summer is upon us. Not only am I desperately looking forward to a long holiday weekend, but I also can’t wait to embrace some of my favorite late summer/early autumn activities in the coming month. Among my goals for September:
  • Incorporate a few favorite fall trends into my look, including camouflage, dark green nails and deep berry lips
  • Tidy up one room each night so that I don’t have to do anything cleaning-related during the weekend
  • Use a long forgotten Chicago ArchitectureFoundation gift card that I recently found in a drawer to rediscover a part of the City
  • Set aside time to enjoy a few local chocolate and beer pairings
  • Continue to use regular HGTV watching as an impetus to save for a future home, complete with personalized improvements
  • Visit the new Trader Joes in my neighborhood frequently to sample all of their specialty goods that I’ve been without for so long
  • Whip up a batch of homemade granola to scent the house and put one of my Weck canisters to work
  • Organize all of my favorite blogs on Feedly
  • Go for runs under falling leaves in the parks along Lake Michigan
  • Attend a fall festival up in Lake Country with my sister

I hope that you have a restful holiday weekend too, and I’ll look forward to seeing you around here in the new month!

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