August 22, 2013


Gorgeous hike to the top of Arthur's Seat
Scotland is so much more than the land of Loch Ness, Braveheart and Harry Potter. It’s one of the most mystical and rugged places that I’ve ever had the opportunity to visit. Though I was prepared for an enjoyable time, I think that the sheer beauty of the country and its many faces caught me a bit by surprise.
We spent a few days in Edinburgh—one completely cloudless and sunny, the other more characteristically dreary. It only rained once during the day throughout our entire trip, and I’m glad that it happened in Edinburgh. The steam coming off of the cobblestone streets at dusk created the perfect mood for our evening ghost tour.
Next, we rented a car (aside from the Tube, the only other source of anxiety during the whole trip, which also turned out to be no big deal thanks to my boyfriend’s trusty driving skills) and headed up to the Scottish Highlands. We stayed in Glencoe, at an inn that served as the social hub for the entire area and, as our photographs can attest, the most picturesque place to have a post-hike beer.
One of the hidden closes on the Royal Mile

Upper and Lower Bow Street in downtown Edinburgh
The creepy cool Witchery
Misty morning on the way to Oban
Oban's catch of the day 
Must-see roadside stop: Castle Stalker
Crystal clear waters and a glimpse of Glencoe at Loch Leven
Stirling Castle, atop a landscape that made me want to head home and watch Braveheart

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