August 28, 2013

Lake Lounging

On the dock with a captivating book that I highly recommend

We’re back from a few days at the cabin up north, and as usual, I’m feeling notably refreshed. Time away from computers, cell phones and TV can do wonders for state of mind. The weather was perfect, the meals that my boyfriend’s mom prepared were excellent, and the fish were biting like crazy. In other words, it was business as usual in the Northwoods.

Big lazy clouds floated overhead all weekend long
We never strayed too far from the cooler of ice cold New Glarus
Each evening ended with a paddle around the lake
The picturesque barn at Blue Vista Orchards
Just a sampling of the ten pounds of blueberries that we picked one sunny afternoon
We were greeted with a view of Lake Superior at the end of a hidden hike through the Red Cliff Reservation
We made a pit stop in Cornucopia for some fresh fish to fry
My dream shed, tucked behind Siskiwit Bay Coffee & Curiosities

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