August 21, 2013


The way to Wales

After our quick stop in Bath, it was on to Wales for a few days to visit with Michelle, a friend of mine who put down roots there after our college days together. Because we stayed with her family and not in a hotel, this was perhaps our most authentic European experience. Michelle had many exciting plans for us, including a lively and engaging personal walking tour with Nigel of Cardiff on Foot and a trek through historic Cardiff Castle. 

The unbelievable view from Michelle's front door
The National Museum of Wales, and the starting point for our walking tour
The lovely, flower-filled Gorsedd Gardens around back
One of the many intriguing gargoyles on the walls surrounding Cardiff Castle
The flag-lined path through downtown Cardiff
The perfect amount of sugar encouraged us to eat more than our fill of these traditional cakes
The most classic sight of the day: the Norman shell keep

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