August 29, 2013

Cincinnati Crosleys

I’ve always wanted an excuse to buy a portable Crosley turntable, both because the name itself conjures up images of Crosley field and my Cincinnati heritage and because they seem to instantly up the cool factor of any room in which they sit. 

When we moved my boyfriend’s remaining things out of his parents house this past weekend and we inherited his record collection that I didn’t even know existed, my immediate next step was to run out and get one. Even though we still don’t know where it will live in our 800 sq. ft. condo, I’ll be inspired by a few of sfgirlbybay’s images as I begin to spin records all around the house.

images 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


  1. So does that Queen City paperweight play Laserdiscs or what?

  2. Come to our basement- we still have the giant speakers to go with the record player! Jeanne